History - Who We Are

American West Contracting was formed in April of 2000 by brothers Greg and Rob Spear and started as a roofing and siding company. Today it has grown to be a General Construction company involved in residential, commercial, and the occasional industrial remodeling.

Rob: “My brother Greg came to me in late 1999 while I was a junior attending business school at the University of Washington. At the time I was studying information technology and management with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. He presented the idea of opening a construction company and backed the idea with his experience in the industry and the availability of jobs due to the failed siding and roofing products (LP and Weyerhaeuser siding, Masonite “WoodRuf” and Pabco “Horizon” roofing). He had been in construction since he graduated at Stadium High School in 1995. He was excited about the growth and prospects in Washington. After researching the industry we filed for a business license and American West Contracting was born.”

Why should you hire American West Contracting for your home improvement projects?
There are a lot of questions to answer when hiring a roofing or home improvement company. Making sure you hire a reputable, trust worthy company like American West Contracting. Here are just a few reasons to go with us!

Meet the team!

Rob Spear - Owner.

Rob Spear - Owner

I was born and raised in Twin Lakes Federal Way and Browns Point Tacoma. I attended University of Washington and earned a bachelors in Business Administration. American West Contracting Co was started during my junior year. I truly love what we offer our community in the way of contracting. My favorite part of running American West Contracting is getting to meet so many unique and good hearted people. The strongest aspect of American West Contracting is the fact that we aren't going any where. We're here for the long haul.

Aside from climbing on roofs and up ladders my life consists of a beautiful wife whom I spend my free time with scuba diving and skiing. I also enjoy riding motorcycles, travel, and spending time with my family and close friends. I am also very excited and pleased to announce that my wife Hilary and I are due with our first child in June 2012!

Matt Aukland - Crew Leader.

Matt Aukland - Crew Leader

I have been working for American West Contracting for 4 years now. Though I have 2 college degrees (one in human resources and one in business management) I enjoy working with my hands and creating! Having worked as a salesman as well as a project manager at a local fire protection company I had some prior experience in working with customers and other team members.

This career works perfectly for me because I love working outdoors instead of being couped up in an office cubicle. I would have to say the best part of my job is getting to see the finished product and just having that "Wow guys, we created this!" feeling.

Outside of leading crews for American West Contracting I enjoy scuba diving, hiking, skiing and playing poker. I'm also an avid soccer and I play baseball with local team Oakland Bad Boys.

Sam - Team Mascot.

Sam - Team Mascot

Hi! I am Sam. Some call me the mascot of American West Contracting. I like to see myself as the gate keeper. If you throw a toy for me, you're in! Other than that all I have to say is, "We love to ROOF ROOF ROOF!"

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